Every domestic project is unique: while there are core principles and people may have similar needs, there will always be differences – perhaps in how an existing building (which is to be extended) has been constructed or the combination of functionality the inhabitants require. 
Start with your reasons for wanting something new – perhaps because children are growing up and need more space, or because you need to bring an elderly or disabled person into the household. 
Maybe it’s about working from home - but you don’t want it to feel like an office environment when you’re not at your desk… 

Whatever your motivation, it’s important that you think through some key questions such as: 

What do I need now? 
How long am I planning to stay in the property? 
Am I adding value should I want to sell in a few years’ time? 
Does that affect the plan? 

The team at NU Concepts say: 

‘With a domestic project, we want to make sure no one ever says: ‘I wish we’d done that differently. 
‘Working through the design with us and having detailed drawings, even for a simple extension, will help people to visualise how their ideas will be realised: it is an important investment to ensure a good outcome.’ 
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