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Every domestic project is unique: while there are core principles and people may have similar needs, there will always be differences – perhaps in how an existing building (which is to be extended) has been constructed or the combination of functionality the inhabitants require.

Start with your reasons for wanting something new – perhaps because children are growing up and need more space, or because you need to bring an elderly or disabled person into the household.

Maybe it’s about working from home - but you don’t want it to feel like an office environment when you’re not at your desk…


So why are you making the change?

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To make space for growing children

How old are they now and how will their needs chagne as they get older? How can you build flexibility into your ideas?

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To allow an elderly or disabled person to join the household

But how will their needs for space or aids change over time?

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To enable working from home

But do you want it to return to living space when you're not at your desk?

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To make a commercial building more viable or better suited to a new purpose

But how will you ensure the project will give return on your investment?


The team at NU Concepts say: 

‘With a domestic project, we want to make sure no one ever says: ‘I wish we’d done that differently. 
‘Working through the design with us and having detailed drawings, even for a simple extension, will help people to visualise how their ideas will be realised: it is an important investment to ensure a good outcome.’ 

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Quick and helpful advice

Vishal has been extremely helpful and very professional throughout the process. We appreciated the ideas he gave us during the initial design stage and all the help during the planning application.
David Jones
Was really pleased with the work that Vishal and the team did for me - We was expecting planning permission within 6-9 months and Vishal managed to secure it within 2 months - Do not hesistate - Get in touch !!!!
Samir Rehman
Completed drawings in a timely manner and updated them with the council requested change's within a day. Definitely will use again.
Matthew King
I can highly recommend Vishal and Nu Concepts. Vishal did a fabulous job designing my home and he had some great vision and fantastic ideas. Thank you Vishal you did an amazing job.
Helen Pexton
Had a very friendly, professional service from Vishal who has assisted us greatly. He listened to our wishes and drew fabulous plans, which the local authority approved. Polite, sincere and came up with the goods!
Christina Lawson
Vishal and his team have provided an excellent service for my garage conversion and extension. He's been very creative with the design and has guided me through the process with the council. Recommended!
Shaun Hall